In the Name of Luck: The Smiling Buddha is Trending Social Media

Social media was abuzz for a few days with images of a smiling Buddha flying around. Most tweets urged users to retweet the picture for good luck. But does the laughing Buddha really bring good luck?

The Chinese people believe that the smiling Buddha’s protruding stomach is a symbol of prosperity, luck, and happiness. It is known as a “Hotei”. They also believe that good things can happen to a person who rubs its stomach.

According to another legend, this statue must never be bought. A person can only get one if it is gifted to him or her. The statue is not Buddha himself but another monk who was loved by children. Apparently, there are six types of these statues, and they have specific positions where they should be placed in the house.

What do you think about this? Would you love to have your own laughing Buddha?