Artist Depicts the Daily Struggles of Office Life with Miniature Figures

Home is one thing, the office – a different environment altogether. Each office adheres to its own rules, and disagreements often arise between workers regarding the most mundane issues. Derrick Lin found a way to express the banality of the office space with miniature art.

Lin uses figurines to highlight the happenings in a made up office of an advertising agency. His work is simply brilliant, and many office workers can relate to it.

The figurines are taken from model train sets. He sets them up and snaps a photo using his iPhone. He then posts the pictures on Instagram with a relevant caption.

Lin has always loved miniatures, and this is one way to express himself. His co-workers are always more than happy to volunteer themselves to be used as props for the next set.

His unique art has given him recognition in the advertising world and on social media as well. See some of his pictures below.