These Gravity Defying Shirt Straps Are a Real Game Changer

For generations, men have struggled to keep their sh** together. Take, for example, the act of wearing a shirt. A button-down shirt is tucked into the trousers, but only moments later, the shirt gets un-tucked. This is usually very frustrating, as you need to re-tuck them over and over.

No worries, though, science is on our side. And, finally, asolution is at hand. The video below shows strap-like accessories, tagged as “shirt stays” that are here to help you out.

Shirt stays are worn on each thigh and then attached to the tips of the shirt by using clips. Another kind is attached to the socks instead of the thigh. And their makers promiss that they help hold down the shirt all through the day’s activities.

Alas, many social media users claim it is feminine. What do you think?