Japanese Resturant Caters to Your Unique Biological Needs

Restaurants today know to cater to people who are gluten-free or vegan. But this restaurant does something totally unique. Sushi Singularity offers diners meals that cater to their own dietary needs.

The restaurant is based in Tokyo and guests need more than a table reservation to eat there. They need to prepare biological samples which will be used to create custom 3D painting sushi.

The concept was created by a Japanese company known as Open Meals. The company combines food and science to create nutrient-rich food to suit all customers. Every guest receives health test kits in their mail for samples of saliva, urine, and feces before reserving a spot in the restaurant.

This kit is sent to the restaurant and analyzed. The biodata is used to make personalized sushi recipes which contain all the ingredients and vitamins that will come in handy to solve your health problems.