Tiago Hoisel Makes Hilarious Caricatures

Tiago Hoisel is a digital artist from Brazil, best known for his caricatures. His drawing career began in his teens; he was 14 years old when he discovered the world of caricatures thanks to Ique, a well-known caricaturist whose works were published in Brazilian magazines.

Firstly, he started copying Ique, however, later he discovered new references and began developing his personal style. He graduated in Graphic Design, but he continued to focus on illustrations and caricatures rather than on the graphic design itself.

“Tiago loves realism and humor and it is this explosive mixture that he tries to bring back to his creations, being sure that to make a good illustration each artist has to put in his works something that represents him, that respects his own interests and one’s own personality,” claim Design Your Trust.

Scroll down and take a look at his work.