This Teenager Makes the Tiniest of Meals Out of Polymer Clay

15-year-old miniature artist, who goes by the name “Clay Girl”, makes some of the most tasteful art with seen in a while. Proving she can make lemonade out of lemons, Clay Girl first began experimenting with polymer clay while going to occupational therapy in order to strengthen her muscles.

“They made me knead a type of putty to build strength in my hands,” she explained in an interview with The Daily Mini. “That was really boring, so I started making little ‘meals’ out of the putty. I’ve since left the putty behind. Hey, polymer clay keeps me toned!”

According to the young teen, the first miniature she made was shaped like a slice of watermelon. Nowadays, her unedible dishes are much more elaborate and include tacos and turkey sandwiches (there’s even a melted ice cream cone!) “I find making meat, like steaks, the most challenging,” says Clay Girl. “I just can’t seem to capture the texture. Maybe it’s because I’m a vegetarian.”

“I love making food the most,” she stresses. “I enjoy it because with each try I challenge myself to see how realistic I can make it.” Take a look at some of her incredible recreations in the gallery below:

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