These Paintings Will Inspire You to Stay Put

There’s not much sightseeing these days, and the only landscapes we’re likely to see these upcoming weeks (if not months) are interior landscapes. But thanks to the power of the interwebs, we can at least learn how to upgrade our setting by peeking into other quarantined realities.

Hilary Pecis’ interior paintings might just be the inspiration you were looking for. Crammed with details, they present a maximalist universe that will make your internalized Marie Kondo scream in pain. But minimalism is overrated, anyhow, especially when all you have to do these days is stay put.

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Upstairs Interior, 2019, 42×30” #hilarypecis

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But back to Pecis. Inspired by modernist artists (in terms of style), Pecis bases her paintings on other people’s homes. “Sometimes I see a setting or landscape that I like right away and snap a pic, and store in a cache to later work from,” she shared with Art of Choice. “Generally, they are images from my home or my friend’s homes, although occasionally I have worked from other people’s images as well. By using images as a guideline, it frees me up to take liberties, like using abstraction in particular areas when it makes sense to do so.”

Born in Fullerton, CA, Pecis os currently based in Los Angeles – a move that also affected her style of painting. “In January 2014 I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco, and that is when my work took a shift,” she says. “I was so thrilled to make paintings of just about anything, because everything resonated a vibrancy that I was unaccustomed to. Additionally, I was a new mom and my scope seemed to be shrinking to my immediate surroundings.”

Enter her marvelous interiors: