This Pokemon and Attack on Titan Mashup Is Horrifyingly Awesome

Artists have creative freedom on whatever kind of drawing they want to create, but sometimes they take this freedom a little bit too far. Case in point: Zsparky, an artist whose works can be found mostly on DeviantArt. Lately, she decided to create a crossover between Attack on Titan and Pokemon. The result is horrifyingly awesome.

Combining the massive creatures that clumsily destroy everything in their path with the natural cuteness of most Pokemon characters seems to show just how scary these creatures couldbe if they were only a few meters (more like a couple of dozen or so) taller and could demolish buildings as if they were nothing.

Zsparky definitely deserves some kudos for having the artistic ability (and stomach!) to turn these adorable pocket monsters into certified monstrosities.

For more of zsparky’s works, be sure to check her out on Instagram.