Annabelle Marie’s Playful Illustrations Carry a Strong Message

Upon first glance, Annabelle Marie’s illustrations remind us of our careless childhood days when we spent our time just chilling and watching cartoons. But look closer…

Using only a pen, Marie depicts fun and youthful characters which embody a strong message that she wants to spread to the world. Marie, who goes by the name Nabbiebelle, loves creating joyful conceptual art, which brings the contemporary environmental issue of the shark finning industry to the surface.

Her artwork continuously oscillates between pure imagination and detailed realism, and her light-hearted, pen depictions of animals will leave you wanting more.

Her plans for the future revolve around her passion to reinvent storytelling and visual entertainment by bringing character development to life. Apart from her work in character development and conceptual art, Marie also creates fine art and has worked on design projects that feature product, package, logo, and calendar designs.

Enjoy her art below!