Rek0de’s 3D Art Blends Together the Mundane with the Surreal

By fusing everyday life with supernatural creatures, 3D visual artist Rek0de creates hypnotizing digital art that interacts with its environment. Featuring massive balloons that are incorporated into digital buildings, humanoids that look like they are trying to engage with you, and colorful dancing monsters, his futuristic artworks are all the rage.

Surrealism is at the core of Rek0de’s art, combining the mundane with the inexplicable. With a dash of wittiness, the real is made to appear unreal, while the undoubtedly unreal is made to look normal.

When looking at Rek0de’s 3D artworks, which have popped up in numerous cities, including London, New York, Miami, Berlin, and Moscow, you feel as though your world is being reshaped. In this new, reshaped, reality giant androids are rising up from the ground and waves of colorful balloons are taking over the street.

Have a look at his mind-boggling art below!