Aja Tirer Paints Dogs In True Van Gogh Fashion

Art has always had incredible power to capture the spirit of the artist and show us the way artists see and think of the world. Many famous painters, such as the ever exciting Vincent Van Gogh, had huge influence on countless generations because of their unique, refreshing point of view, and artists are still trying to copy their style decades later.

Even though it’s nearly impossible to copy great masters like Van Gogh, a young artist called Aja Tirer unwittingly did exactly that. After painting the Eiffel Tower a lot of people confused her style with Van Gogh’s, and wouldn’t believe her when she said that the painting was hers.

Since then, she decided to use her skills to her best advantage and went to create amazing combinations of animals and classical art. Most recently, Tirer painted the famous “Starry Night” but with an added twist: with dogs at the forefront. Naturally, people loved it. Her amusing art is slowly but surely becoming a real hit!

Enjoy some of her work below.