This Japanese Teacher Creates Cool Artwork Out of Fallen Leaves

Hirotaka Hamasaki is a high school teacher from Nara, Japan, who found a unique way to get his students interested in art. Hamasaki uses fallen leaves in the school playground to create all sorts of cool artworks, including depictions of pop culture characters like Pikachu from Pokemon, Zenitsu from Demon Slayer, and the titular character from the superhero picture book Anpanman.

Despite working with fragile and limited material, Hamasaki manages to recreate the characters in great detail. He even gets the colors right, making his works instantly recognizable.

Hamasaki’s students initially didn’t show much interest in his creations. However, once the word got out and some of his works were shared on social media, the entire school was hooked. Now, both the students and other teachers can’t wait for autumn to come so Hamasaki can surprise them with his newest artwork.

Some of the lucky individuals even get Hamasaki to do a character they like. For example, one student requested Isabelle from the popular video game Animal Crossing and the friendly teacher happily obliged.

Hamasaki, who uses other ways to engage his students, like doing elaborate drawings on the chalkboard, frequently shares new leaf art on his Instagram. Scroll down to check more of them.