Nastia Calaca Creates Unique Ceramic Sculptures of Animals

Most artists search for perfection in their works. But ceramic artist Nastia Calaca is taking a different approach. She is not only tolerating the imperfections but also embracing them.

Calaca creates various unique and eye-catching ceramic pieces, including figurines, plates, and dishware. However, her most popular creations are animal sculptures that are slightly different than the real-life specimens they are inspired by.

For example, the octopuses she makes are bubbly, the lions have flat faces and short legs, and crocodiles are presented as walking like humans and dressed in a suit.

Despite not being what you expect, Calaca’s animals are adorable in their own way. The more you look at them, the more quirky details you discover about them. And they are truly one-of-a-kind because the artist never replicates her works.

“Even the copies I make on-demand are different from the original, they have mood and character of their own; some gain a wee bit of weight, some get a few new charming little wrinkles, and each of them hopes to be loved and cared for by their new owners,“ she explains.

Calaca’s animal sculptures are available on her official Etsy shop and website. You can also follow her newest creations on Instagram.