Food Scientist Lani Bakes is Crafting the Most Colorful Desserts From Scratch

Many food bloggers enjoy trying new flavor combos that would’ve never crossed your mind, but Elana Berusch is taking things to a whole new level. The mastermind behind food blog Lani Bakes is using her skills as a food scientist to craft some of the most colorful desserts that you’ll ever come across.

Lani describes herself as an “all-around food nerd” and this is truly fitting considering her academic background. She studied Bakery Science at The American Institute of Baking, and she’s now using her knowledge to create more original desserts.

We’ve seen Berusch make many colorful desserts over the years, but her signature marble cookies were the ones that put her on the map. She was inspired to make them after looking at clay work videos and decided to try doing something similar with cookie dough.

Her expectations were pretty low and she went into the process knowing that she was going to make a mess, but she believes that the suspense factor is part of the cookies’ appeal.

“They always look like they’re going to be a huge disaster. The first time I sliced into them I literally laughed out loud because I did not expect it to work at all, definitely not to work as well as it did,” Berusch told The Times of Israel.