Wild Dandi is Crocheting the Most Vibrant & Lively Clothes

Crocheting experienced a huge boom in the past few years, and Wild Dandi is one of the brands responsible for putting it back on the map. Founded by a Jamaican woman called Dandelion, this brand is best known for crafting the most colorful crocheted items that you’ll ever come across.

Dandelion was crocheting for 15 years and had a successful store on Etsy before deciding to take things to another level in 2017. This was a turning point for the crochet artist because it marked the moment when she started her one-woman brand WildxDandi, based in her home country of Jamaica.

On her official website, Dandelion explains she started her brand “with the idea of bringing something unique and original to the fashion market”, adding that she wanted to showcase her own view of how the crochet could be worn. Wild Dandi is a slow-fashion brand, and all items are uniquely tailored and crocheted for each client.

One thing that we love about WildxDandi is the beautiful splash of colors that their fashion items bring to the table. From crochet dresses and skirts to tops and bikinis, all of Dandelion’s items look as vibrant as it gets, and she even shared some of her most popular patterns on her official website for all the other crocheting enthusiasts out there.