This Device Allows You to Print Without Using Paper

As technology advances, the effects on the environment are increasing. More countries are leaning towards clean and sustainable energy to keep the effects under check. One invention that reduces the burden on the environment is the PrintBrush XDR.

This device is a smartphone printer. It doesn’t require paper, and it is portable. The company responsible for this creation is “PrintDreams”, and the device prints when it is swept across the surface of a desk, or paper. It is connected to a mobile application and works as a wireless inkjet printer. Despite its size, it can print massive designs.

One good thing about it is that it can print on all surfaces including cardboard, fabrics, paper, and wood. It is ideal for printing graphics and texts as well. Since it is portable, it can be carried along wherever you go. It is also user-friendly. Count us in!

Watch the video below to check it out.