This Viral Video of a Timid Husky Will Melt Your Heart

Social media loves its dogs and cats, and was touched by a viral video of a scared husky. The husky and its owner appeared to be in a shopping mall and strolled peacefully together until they reached an escalator. But the husky didn’t want to get on board, and kept giving his owner signs that he wasn’t going to risk going on the escalator by himself.

His owner took some time to decide whether to carry his large and fluffy dog. In the end, the furry creature won as he was airlifted by his owner across the hurdle. The video is so adorable.

Going through the pet’s dedicated Instagram handle, it is obvious that he loves being carried despite his size. The pair have a special connection that comes through the video. Watch the adorable video below and let us know what you think.

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Umm.. the stairs are moving, no, cant do.

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