This Baby’s Reaction to Hearing the Violin will Melt Your Heart

Kids have different reactions to different sounds. However, since they have a short attention span, they don’t stay glued to anything for too long. Still, there are some special occasions when sounds catch their attention for a long time.

This little boy was astonished when he heard the sound of a violin for the first time in his life. He immediately stood up and ran towards the violinist. He stares intently as the music plays and is not distracted for one second.

As the music continues to play, the baby goes in to give the violinist a warm hug. It was probably a thank you gift for playing such soothing sounds.

It is possible that this child is naturally drawn to music and this is why he reacted the way he did. Who knows, he could be a musical maestro in the making. The video was shared by the toddler’s mother on Twitter.

Watch the adorable reaction below: