This Artist Embroideries Polymer Clay

Justyna Wolodkiewicz describes herself as the “girl who stitched clay.” She is in fact a gifted artist whose hands create magic, a crafter who makes unique, three-dimensional embroidered works. While designing her embroideries, the Polish artist uses small polymer clay shapes, punctures them and merges with multi-colored thread.

“What you see in my embroideries is highly filtered visual and sonic information’” Wolodkiewicz told Colossal. “It travels through my eyes, brain, and hands, landing in the physical world again, this time in the shape of my hand-stitched pieces.”

The artist patiently chooses the color, composition, and the texture, which are crucial components in her ‘micro-worlds’, because, as she says, they convey a strong emotional message innate to human beings. They suggest very complicated nets of relationships. The upward stitches symbolize the way people are bonded with all that surrounds them.”

If you are curious to see more of her work, have a look on Instagram.