Aline Houdé-Diebolt Creates Compelling Scenes Out of Paper

Paper artist Aline Houdé-Diebolt started in a different field altogether – textile design. But the unconditional love of shapes, materials, and colors, she found originally discovered through textile, is now being rediscovered through paper. Residing in Paris, Houdé-Diebolt works as a freelance paper designer and set designer in both France and abroad.

“I love my job because I do a lot of different things,” she gushed in an interview with Strictly Paper. “I also love to explore new techniques, to overcome challenges, to go out of my comfort zone and update my skills.”

“Paper is a really fascinating material,” she adds. “There are 1000 ways to use it, I do not really have any advice to give, everyone has to use it in their own way. The most important thing is to have fun!”

Regularly collaborating with major luxury brands, Houdé-Diebolt creates sets for showcases, events, photoshoots, and advertising shoots. She also designs content for social networks as well as tailor-made works for individuals and personal pieces.

Her original takes on paper art can be found on her Instagram page. Take a peek in the gallery below: