This Artist Creates Breathtaking Images by Layering Pieces of Paper

As children, we all loved playing with cutouts. It didnโ€™t require a lot of precision and skill. You just need to have basic knowledge of the craft. Well, it turns out you can do some amazing art with pieces of paper. This artist found a way to do just that.

John Ed De Vera is a multidisciplinary designer who uses paper cutouts for his special designs. This artist invites his audience to see how it looks in the deep sea, in space, and on the road. Vera creates shadow and depth by layering the pieces of paper he has cut. This allows him to deeply immerse the viewers into these unreal worlds. The designer is based in the Philippines but has gathered fans all over the world.

He traces the elements on bond paper. The shapes and designs are then transferred to another thicker paper that is cut and arranged colorfully.  Here are some of his work below: