These Cute Kittens Will Make You Aww

Most cat breeds have similar features: whiskers, eyes, and ears. But each is distinct. Here is a list of some of the cutest breeds on the planet, and specific cats that represent them on Instagram.

The Bengal Cat

This breed looks a lot like the Bengal tiger because of its color and stripes. It is even more beautiful with a majestic attitude.

Coby, the cat

This British Shorthair is unarguably one of the most beautiful pets in the world. His immaculate fur and blue eyes are difficult to ignore. The superstar cat has more than a million followers on Instagram.

Iriss and Abyss

The famous twin cats with two different eye colors make the list as well.

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Ragdoll cat Mimi

This cat has two different colors, and this makes her stand out among others. Her beauty has won the hearts of many cat lovers.

Some other beautiful cats include Smoothie, Caracal Kitten, Siberian cats, and Venus the chimera cat among others.