These Electroformed Crystals Will Blow Your Mind

A blend of science and art does not seem plausible, but when it happens, the results are amazing. Sabri Ben-Achour found a way to do just that. He uses natural forces in the production of crystal growth, as well as organic materials to create ceramic pieces by hand. He then uses a special method of electroforming. When he uses charged electrodes, he redeposits metal atoms from the scrap metal and adds them to the ceramic works. It forms a bright blue crystal formation reminiscent of corals. These form the inside of his ceramic bowls.

Ben-Achour has researched new ways to make the frail structures more durable for the sculptural works they are intended for. It makes it easier for him to influence their shape as the electroforming process takes place. See some of his works below.

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More coral bowls coming soon. #instapottery

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