These Three Airbnbs Are Our Travel Inspiration

Ah, summer. The season associated with vacations, and everyone’s favorite time of the year when you get to forget about everyone and everything and just do whatever you please. Even though sometimes the journey is more important than the destination itself, the latter should be a dazzling one that will purify your senses and provide a memorable stay. Here are three of the most exciting AirBnB homes around the globe:

The Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Are you a dog lover? If so, then this place will be perfect for you and your furry friend! The beautiful dog-friendly Bark Park Inn, located in Idaho, will give you a warm welcome and guarantee a pleasant stay for both you and your pup.

The Eco Bamboo, Bali

If you’re more of a romantic and adventurous type, the Eco Bamboo will fulfill all of your desires. The only place on this list not in the US but instead located on Bali, it fits perfectly in the natural scenery, allowing you privacy and comfort that you can’t have anywhere else.

The Adobe Dome, Texas

Finally, prepare yourself for a great stay at a place that looks like it’s taken straight out of a Star Wars movie! The off-grid Adobe dome, located in the desert in Terlingua, Texas, is a solar-powered house with an original design that offers you the experience of a lifetime.