Artist Makes Amazing Custom Sneakers from Discarded Shoes

Creative artists really deserve all the praise that they can get. After all, to have that creative of a mind to create something out of essentially nothing is something that not all people can do.

Case in point: Gigi Rodgers’ amazing custom sneakers. Using used, disregarded, and thrown-away pairs of sneakers from anywhere, such as garage sales, thrift stores, and eBay, Rodgers brings these once-decrepit shoes back to life by doodling on them and making them look like the kind of shoes that you’d pay many times over what she bought them for.

The Creative Director, Social Media, Brand Manager (and sneaker enthusiast) says that it takes her around 4-9 hours to complete each shoe, depending on the design and how much work needs to be done. Considering the finished product, it’s definitely time well spent.