An Infinite Swimming Pool for Infinite Pleasure

Imagine this: you are freely swimming around in crystal clear waters under the clear blue sky while having the entire city of London in the palm of your hand.

Well, Compass Pools is determined to make this vision come true. They’ve designed a 360-degree breathtaking infinity pool with nothing to compromise the view. You can’t even see the edges since the pool is made out of transparent acrylic which transmits light at a similar wavelength as water. It also has a transparent floor, so you can see inside as well as outside.

Even though people usually design buildings first, and pools later, this was not the case. Compass Pool had an idea to first create an outstanding pool and then design a building to fit with it. The building is inspired by the Greek symbol for infinity which is meant to go along with the concept of the infinity pool. In order to contain the water within it, the pool will have a built-in anemometer that will monitor wind speeds and will be linked to a computer system that will also ensure the water always has the same temperature.