These Mug Illustrations Were Inspired by Celebs

It’s already a given that creativity knows no limits. That is the case with an artist named Sonelle, from Durban, South Africa. Her work is extremely creative and she delivers the wildest mug sketches you’ve ever seen.

The illustrator and designer has famous people in mind when she draws her creations. If you’re a fan of mugs, you’re probably already obsessed.

In case it was not clear, Sonelle posts the picture of the mug, together with a description under it. Some of the characters who inspired her best work are Albert Einstein, Gordon Ramsey, Marilyn Monroe, and Vincent Van Gogh.

You will recognize Marilyn by the iconic mini white dress the actress wore in The Seven Year Itch. The Albert mug features a mustache and a tongue, referring to the infamous photograph of the legendary physicist. Gordon Ramsey’s mug is, of course white, and in the shape of a chef’s hat.