These Graphic Illustrations Simplify Complicated Ideas

Designer and illustrator Jaime Hayde creates tailor-made graphics using shapes, curves, colors, contrasts, and lines. Since 2015, the freelance illustrator has worked with companies like XBOX, BBVA, and The Good Life Magazine; and with a following of more than 5,600 fans on Instagram, it seems like things are looking up for the young talent.

Based in Getxo, a coastal town near Bilbao, northern Spain, Hayde writes on his website that he likes to keep it simple, turning complex ideas into simple graphics. “I enjoy close relationships, and dialogue so that’s what you’ll get from me a good companion on the journey,” he adds.

“I consider myself to be a very curious person and my curiosity makes me interested in working on all sorts of projects; cooperating with graphic design studios, advertising agencies, digital environment building, press illustration, apps etc,” he told Ape on the Moon.

“At the same time, I enjoy creating custom order personal portraits, this gives me the opportunity to meet many people from all the world and that’s great.”

Take a look at some of his simple (yet powerful) illustrations.