These Flower Bouquets Are Made Entirely Out of Paper

While flower bouquets are a great and rather easy way to add a pop of color to your home, the downside of flowers are plenty and include: allergies, maintenance, and an early unfortunate death. Botanical artist Emily Paluska is here to help us out.

Known for her vibrant paper flowers, Paluska believes in the value of one-of-a-kind pieces made by hand rather than mass-produced objects. The owner of Revery Paper Flora, her paper flowers are a great addition to any home without the tackiness we often equate with artificial flowers.

“I found my style through a lot of practice,” Paluska shared in an interview with Paper Talk. “I make a lot of my flowers over a hundred times and through all those renditions, they evolve into something better, not just because of the practice but I am able to see it more clearly.”

Realism and color are two important criteria. “Color has also become integral to my achieving realism,” says Paluska. “For the majority of my custom projects, I will always start with white paper so I can achieve the exact shade necessary.”

Based in Washington, DC, Paluska first discovered a love of paper flowers when she was a young mother in search of a creative outlet. “I was never a crafty or DIY type of person so I’m not sure why I thought doing something like this would be fun,” she admits

“I found them appealing initially because I hated spending money on fresh flowers and thought paper flowers would be a fun alternative for me to have flowers around my home that I wouldn’t have to take care of.”

The end result, situated at the meeting point between nature and paper, is both realistic and artistic. You’d want to check her out.