Architecture Students Provide Internet with “Daily Dose Of Cats And Concrete”

Cats make everything look better. Even concrete-heavy and rough brutalism architecture.

To prove this point, Emily Battaglia, Madelaine Ong, and Michaela Senay, architecture students at University at Buffalo, decided to set up an intriguing Instagram page that imagines brutalism buildings being invaded by cats.

Using photo-editing software, Battaglia, Ong, and Senay insert cute kitties inside the photos of massive and monolithic structures. This gives an impression of a world in which huge cats exist, and they decided to make this architecture their playground.

The unusual mix of adorableness and rigidness is surprisingly a satisfying watch, which is why their cats_of_brutalism page already has over 100k followers.

According to Battaglia, the trio initially wanted to have a creative outlet and never imagined that they would stumble upon something that could be interesting to so many people. Their initial goal was to have 1,500 followers in three months, but they well surpassed that mark in the given time period and reached 20k.

The overall positive feedback made them focus more on the page and produce content on a daily basis.

Check out more of their “daily dose of cats and concrete” below.