Youri Mantra Paints Impressive Murals of Moths and Butterflies on Urban Surfaces

Youri Mantra is a talented French artist who excels in all art mediums and can successfully work with any subject. But when given the option to choose, Mantra almost always goes with creating large-scale murals of moths, butterflies, and other insects.

However, the way Mantra presents his preferred subjects isn’t always the same. Sometimes his butterflies are closed in glass cases, serving as pieces in a collection of an unnamed butterfly collector. This is possibly the artist’s way of making a point that there is more attention given to lifeless specimens than those that are alive.

Other times, the butterflies are flying free or resting on a flower, hinting at a brighter future and giving a sense of optimism.

But in any of these cases, Mantra’s execution is almost flawless. Each subject is faithful to its live counterpart, from the colorful and vibrant wings down to even the smallest details like antennas and complex wing veins.

Mantra has been spreading his love for insects and nature all over the world in the past years. He has painted murals in France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Mexico, and many other countries that welcomed his impressive pieces. Check out more of his works by scrolling below.