These Amusing Comics Star a Friendly Gator

Alligators are often considered scary reptiles that will attack anything that moves. However, the truth is that they are scared of humans just as we are scared of them. One artist is now trying to change the bad reputation of alligators with a series of amusing comics.

Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam is the creator of Buddy Gator comics which focus on the adventures of a friendly alligator. The comics are beautifully drawn and revolve around themes of friendship, positivity, and kind-hearted moments.

Buddy Gator is always ready to help others in need or cheer them up when they are in a bad mood. It is a buddy that spreads positive vibes at every opportunity, and one everyone would like to have in their life. 

These heartwarming comics originated during the pandemic, with the artist looking to “make people feel better during a hard time.” It looks like Hon Lam more than succeeded in his goal since Buddy Gator amassed a huge fanbase in a short amount of time, including more than 730K followers on Instagram.

This success inspired Hon Lam to start various other projects with Buddy Gator as the main star. This includes merchandise, books, and video games. Check out his official website to learn more about the friendly alligator, and scroll down to see more of our favorite Buddy Gator comics.