Check Out These Cool One-Line Drawings

Simplistic one-line drawings look fantastic and are easy to do, right? Well, the first part of it is correct. However, they are all but easy to create, according to creative studio Loooop.

Loooop, who call themselves the first creative studio specialized in one-line works, creates one-liners as part of their popular project One Line Fever. Making just a single one-line illustration takes hours and sometimes even days. Still, the effort is well worth it, since the results are amazing.

“We believe that, as simple as it looks, line art is timeless and can offer unlimited possibilities in terms of message, medium, and usage,” Loooop explains.

The artists from Loooop have a wide spectrum of motifs and subjects that they reimagine as one-line artworks. This includes pop culture characters like Mickey Mouse, athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, and a series of everyday items and objects.

Loooop creates all sorts of other line work besides One Line Fever. Their art was recognized by high-profile brands like Samsung, Adidas, and Google, who commissioned them for marketing purposes on previous occasions.

You can check out more of Loooop’s illustrations on their official website or Instagram. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.