You Have to See Friends of Monami’s Quirky Cake-Shaped Bags

The emergence of the “everything is cake” trend introduced us to many artists who specialize in making cakes that look just like everyday objects. Friends of Monami is doing the exact opposite—making everyday objects that look like cakes, with a special accent on bags and purses.

Friends of Monami is the brainchild of the Massachusetts-based artist Amy, who started this brand in late 2021 and went on to become a true sensation on Instagram. She’s now followed by over 50,000 people thanks to her incredibly realistic cake-inspired bags.

Despite their realistic look, Amy explains that her cake objects are “for the eyes and hands only” in her Instagram bio. Her main goal when starting her brand was to create cake objects that last forever and preserve the art of cake decorating.

Her bags mostly draw inspiration from the vintage fashion and décor of the 19th century, most notably by the styles of Norman Wilton and Joseph Lambeth. To make her cake bags come to life, Amy usually uses spackle and multiple coats of glaze to make sure each object gets an extra layer of protection. In addition to bags and purses, she also makes trinket boxes, which are most reminiscent of real cakes.