Theaters Are Still Around, And Just As Magical As Ever

Movie theater
Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

It seems these days that everyone and their second cousin are talking about how movie theaters are obsolete. Everyone loves lamenting about the days of yore when everyone went to movie theaters, and how nowadays they’ve been replaced by streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, we’re here to say that these claims, while valid, are misguided. Movie theaters are very much still around, and going strong too.

The Pandemic Bias

Perhaps it was all because of COVID-19 that people feel that movie theaters are no longer existent. Yes, for a solid year they were virtually all shut down, and we all forgot what it was like to go to a movie. But once the pandemic started to die down, the theaters opened right up again. Those who missed the movies headed right back—and just because everyone else didn’t doesn’t mean the theaters are obsolete.

They’ve Upgraded Their Game

It should also be noted that movie theaters have upped their game. It used to be the case that you had to pay extra to get special reclining couch-like chairs made of leather—but now those comfy chairs are pretty much the norm, at least at AMC Theaters. The point is that while streaming services make it a lot more convenient to stay at home, there’s still the option to go out and see a movie if you so chose. And trust us when we say that it’s just as fun as it ever was.