She May Be Deaf, But Ania Knows Her Fashion

There’s nothing more inspiring than a person who overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reach their goals. Ania is one of those people. Without the ability to hear, it can’t be easy to navigate the world at large, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her page. This social media influencer is absolutely killing it from all angles, creating fashion-related content so good that over 78,000 people are following her account.

Instead of asking people to feel sorry for her, Ania doesn’t focus at all on the fact that she’s deaf. She places emphasis on her fashion ideas, and the modeling she does for favorite clothing brands looking to promote their products.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Ania’s fashion inclination is that she has a distinct style. Anyone can say they know fashion and just throw on the latest popular clothing trend. But Ania has a very specific idea about what she likes—”earthly tones”, as she puts in her Instagram bio—and this just heightens her credibility and makes her seem more authentic. As they say, less is more.

If you enjoy looking at Ania’s posts and want to learn more about her fashion ideas, give her a follow as well!