The Kneaded Eraser’s Adventures Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Settimo (known as Artematiko on social media) is a talented craftsman who enjoys working on pictures, drawings, traditional and digital paintings and illustrations, and restorations, as well as making objects from wood, iron, plastic materials, glass, pottery. If that’s not enough he also makes short videos.

One of his crafty projects is the Kneaded Eraser. β€œEvery October, during the Inktober fest, ‘she’ meets weird and funny people or strange creatures,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. β€œMy messy desk becomes a theatre of a big short adventure of my tiny friend.”

Artematiko shares his work on his Instagram profile where he has gained an audience of almost 2k followers.

Check out the Kneaded Eraser’s adventures below.