Mom Collaborates with Her Toddler to Create Beautiful Paintings

Toronto-based self-taught artist, Ruth Oosterman, is the mastermind behind theCollaboration with my Toddler project. Oosterman has been interested in art since a very young age, and nowadays her work is showcased in numerous exhibitions and private collections throughout the world.

Collaboration with my Toddler began back in 2015 when, together with her two-years old daughter, Eve, she made collaborative paintings that are colorful and joyous. Since then, little Theodore has joined their gang.

β€œThis collaborative adventure has changed my life and who I am as a mother by strengthening the bond of communication, trust and imaginative play between my children and I as well as pushing me to continually evolve as an artist simply from witnessing the unharnessed beauty of my children as they create without self-doubt,” Oosterman wrote on Bored Panda.

She shares her work on her Instagram profile and her YouTube channel where she does time-lapsed videos capturing the entire process of each piece.