Patty Maher Creates Surreal Self-Portraits

Patty Maher is an internationally recognized, award-winning artist from Caledon, Ontario, Canada. She describes herself on her website as a self-portrait artist who seeks inspiration from an exploration of the feminine in the context of both natural and urban settings. In her work there are no faces shown, only posture, gesture, symbol, and color which brings out the emotion and the story.

Her latest project, called Imagined Landscapes, is a series of surreal self-portrait photographs.

“In this series, the landscapes have all been constructed: none of these places exist in reality, but have been pieced together to create an illusory world,” Maher wrote on Bored Panda. “Each photo depicts characters engaged in the internal world of these landscapes through metaphor and surreal narrative.”

Scroll down to see some of her work.