The Funniest Pictures of the Week

Social media is the best place to get a healthy dose of humor and wit. The memes keep coming and we keep on loving ’em. Here is our round-up of the funniest pictures and videos of the week:

How to Fix a Broken Windshield

Sometimes, a broken windshield can be actually inspiring. At least, one Instagram user thought so. This doesn’t look very practical but we love it all the same. If you’re a fan of arcade fighting games and Dragon Ball Z, then you would appreciate this.

Would You Rock These Earrings?

These earrings seem larger than usual, but they are so unique and fun we would actually consider wearing them. Would you?

A New Set of Teeth

This dog has a new set of teeth, or not… We love it!

Coolest Doggo on the Planet

Could your dog ever be this cool? See how this one pup rocks his shades with pride!