The Avengers Endgame Smoothie Will Make Your Mouth Water

Who doesn’t love food art? It doesn’t only entice your eyes but also fills up your belly. It’s also very creative.

Popular food artist, known as Naturally Jo, created a smoothie bowl with the Avengers Endgame logo, and it’s all the rage. The long-awaited Marvel cinematic universe movie was released recently and had the best opening weekend in cinema history.

The hype around it also shined through Instagram, but this Endgame smoothie is probably one of its tastier tributes. To create the Avengers logo
Naturally Jo took to chocolate, crumbling its outer edges appropriately. It also features symbols as the Iron Man mask, Thor’s hammer, and Hulk’s fist.

Would you eat this beautifully made smoothie?

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Avengers Endgame Smoothie Bowl 💜✨

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