Learn How to Use Polymer Clay to Create Miniature Fruit

Miniature artist, Andisa Charms, recently shared a video tutorial on how she makes her miniature watermelon, seeds and everything. The talented artist uses polymer clay for all her work. According to her, the preferred brand of polymer clay is Fimo as it’s ideal for color mixing.

She starts off with a lump of polymer clay already mixed with the colors. In this case, she used dark pink for the main body and strips of black and white for the seeds. She kneaded the clay carefully to prevent the strips inside from mixing with the main color.

In no time, she produced a long strip from the lump of clay. She then joined the strips together at the sides. After joining both sides, she took the cylindrical lump and wrapped it in two different colors as the outer body. At last, she sliced the clay, revealing the watermelon.

Watch the video below.