This Artist Carves Avocado Pits into Beautiful Pendants

When they cut open the avocado, most people have a first instinct to throw away its pit. But you may think twice now when you see that these pits can be turned into beautiful art.

Jan Campbell is an artist who carves avocado pits into highly detailed figurines inspired by fantasy and nature. Her creations are not only inspiring to look at but can also be used as jewelry pieces as they perfectly fit as pendants.

Campbell started with her unusual hobby in 2014 when she was making herself an avocado sandwich for breakfast. Mesmerized by the beauty of the avocado pit, she decided to hold on to it.

“When I accidentally scraped the surface of the stone with my nail, a beautiful deep orange pigment surfaced. It occurred to me then to try carving it,” the artist explains.

After obtaining some carving tools and experimenting with avocado pit carvings, Campbell realized she discovered a new way to express herself creatively and never looked back since.

Check out some of her awesome creations below.

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