Taiwanese Barista Creates Incredibly Realistic 3D Latte Art

“The world is my canvas,” is a phrase that you’ve probably heard one way or another from an artist friend of yours. Yet, seeing it in action is quite something else.

It’s not often that you see artists create something amazing with material that isn’t typically associated with art. Like, for example, coffee. Sure, we know of many baristas who know to make a cute design or two, but one Taiwanese barista, in particular, takes it up a notch.

Chang Kuei Fung doesn’t only make latte art on coffee, she actually makes realistic 3D art, which can be either weird or cute, depending on who you’re asking. Among the many things she’s created using foam are a realistic 3D cockroach, a frog, and a cat.

Of course, as with any form of art, it’s always best to see it to believe it. Take a closer look.