Meet the Scandinavian Queen of Food Art

Have you ever seen a dish so beautifully served that you felt bad eating it because of the amazing presentation? Meet Ida Frosk, the Scandinavian queen of food art, who can make art out of every simple dish. Born in Norway, she has always been into cooking and art, but she didn’t think much of it until she moved to Berlin and realized that she has a great talent.

She started simple, but her creations became incredibly popular so she invested more time into her food art. Her main inspiration is children, which is clearly reflected in the majority of her edible art pieces that resemble cute animals, talking fruits, cartoon characters, and superheroes. 

You should always cherish the child within you and Frosk does exactly that with her impeccable art. The food she prepares looks spot on – pretty and delicious; and her minimalistic approach will show you how less is, indeed, more.

Frosk now tends to her art every day, and her followers can’t seem to get enough. She says she absolutely loves doing this as a job, but her favorite part is still eating the food after she takes the winning picture.