Ennock Mlangeni Makes Amazing Portraits Using Coffee Stains

Meet Ennock Mlangeni, a self-taught visual artist from South Africa who paints using coffee. You may not know him yet, but he is hoping to take the art world by storm, and scrolling through his Instagram page we can understand why.

Mlangeni started using coffee as paint last year when he was busy painting and some coffee spilled on his work. The spill created something beautiful in and of itself and Mlangeni was instantly hooked. He has since worked on many portraits using coffee, and has even painted global icons such as Nelson Mandela.

Mlangeni believes everything that makes a mark can produce a painting. He also believes anyone can be creative. According to him, coffee has allowed him to be more creative in his work.

His work is truly exceptional and mind-blowing, no wonder everyone wants a piece of it. Check it out in the gallery below.