Stephanie Redlinger’s Paper Botanical Art is Jaw-Dropping

Stephanie Redlinger considers herself first and foremost, a botanical artist, which makes sense judging by her chosen subjects: mainly flowers. But there’s a catch! While her subjects look uncannily realistic, they’re actually made of paper.

Working mainly with fine crepe paper, each piece begins with some background research.Β “I do copious amounts of research on my subjects both before and during the making process,” writes Redlinger on her personal website, “preferably by studying live plants and flowers, but also from online image searches and combing through books and magazines.”

Her paper creations include succulents (which she aptly nicknames “the anglerfish of the plant world”), mushrooms, and flower bouquets. In fact, the very first paper flowers she made were her wedding bouquet and her husband’s boutonniere for their small City Hall wedding in San Francisco.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Redlinger says that when she’s not making paper plants and flowers she might be found working out in the garden, joining her husband in chasing their two young kids and our dog around the house, or reading a good SciFi book. Ideal lifestyle, if you ask us!

Take a look at some of her recent work in the gallery below.