This Papercut Artist Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Papercutting artist Ali Harrison hand cuts anatomical organs out of paper. Having created some incredibly detailed artistic re-imaginings of several human organs, Harrison draws the outline of each piece, before proceeding to cut the inside free-hand with different patterns.

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A handful of organs 😄

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Using an x-acto knife Harrison carefully cuts her creations out of paper. These intricate, unique patterns are then transformed into a variety of fun lasercut housewares, that are sometimes made of paper, and sometimes wood. Her brand, Light & Paper, has its own online store, but can also be found in a variety of brick and mortar locations.

“My most popular paper cutting piece is definitely my anatomical heart,” remarked Harrison in an interview with the Etsy blog. “I think people really connect with that iconic image, and I’ve tried to make it in my own aesthetic with the repeating patterns that I use.”

And when it comes to inspiration, Harrison has plenty to draw from. “I have definitely researched historical paper cutting and looked into other artists that inspire me,” she says, adding that she tries not to confine her inspiration to just paper cutting. “I find that I’m inspired by many different types of artwork, and that helps me form unique new ideas,” she says.

“I also get really inspired by my own maker community,” adds Harrison. “I have a studio in an industrial building in the West End of Toronto that I share with another local maker. We host monthly meetings with other Toronto creatives; that’s been really helpful and inspiring, brainstorming and developing ideas together and keeping each other on track.”

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