Asya and Dmitriy Kozin Make a Fashion Statement Out of Paper

Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kosin (aka Asya and Dmitriy Kozin’s Art Group) create breathtaking paper sculptures that are meant to be worn. Costumes, wigs, and accessories are intricately made, pushing the boundaries of paper art. Using white paper not only as a tool but also as a concept, they explore the history of fashion through a unique point of view.

Their work begins with some serious amount of research, studying pictures and illustrations to create their vision. “Our creative process always begins with making sketches of our ideas, or even writing them down and discussing them together,” they relayed in an interview with Arctic Paper. “Then we research the subject and start the actual work. We may change something in the process, but in most cases, we know what we want and move towards our goal. It is great to be completely absorbed in the project and to work around the clock.”

Drawing from fashion history, their costumes include interpretations of Baroque dress-wear. “I think we long for something long-forgotten, as popular culture puts too much emphasis on technical progress and efficiency,” explained Dmitriy. “This is why we love the Baroque era. The value of those wigs were primarily aesthetic, they were notably uncomfortable to wear, but they were also wonderfully beautiful and exquisite, not necessarily practical or having a powerful message. I think people are so tired of special effects.”

Other projects include paper wedding dresses and paper masks. “Dmitriy is the innovator, the fearless dreamer and the adventurer,” says Asya. “I am the thorough hardworking perfectionist.”

The end result is simply stunning:

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These days we were completely immersed in creating costumes for the dance group of the choreographer Karine Saporta. For us, this project has opened up completely new perspectives. Traditionally, we relied on studies of historical culture and dresses of Martinique, Africa, and India, but for the first time we created costumes for dancing rather than static sculptures. The mobility of the model is now unlimited. The costumes are made of durable material that allows to use them repeatedly. We came up with a bunch of tricks, made textile exhibitions and involved a dresser. Share this joy and inspiration with us! Эти дни мы были полностью погружены в создание костюмов для танцевальной группы хореографа Карин Сапорта. Для нас этот проект открыл совершенно новые перспективы. По традиции, мы опирались на исследования традиционной одежды и исторической культуры Мартиники, Африки и Индии, но впервые создали не статичные скульптуры, а костюмы для танцев. Подвижность модели теперь не ограничена вообще. Костюмы сделаны из прочного материала, который позволяет использовать их многократно. Мы придумали кучу ухищрений, сделали текстильные выставки и задействовали костюмера. Разделите с нами эту радость и вдохновение! With @murielle.bedot & @teodora.fornari #asyakozinadmitrykozin #paperartist #papercraft #paperart #paper #papercutting #asyakozina #dress #artfashion #artistoninstagram #fashion #alternativefashion #asyakozina #kozin #paperdress #papercrafts #art_we_inspire #papercrafting #paperwork #modernart #modernartist #cultures #costumedesign #costume #karinesaporta #dance #dartcontemporain #coiffes

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