Step Inside Ann Wood’s Magnificent Paper Garden

Spring is in the air but just outside our reach. Chin up! Ann Wood is here to provide you the backdrop your Instagram feed craves. Inspired by historical botanical prints, Wood creates stunning paper art that is in full bloom. Crabapples, daffodils, and fritillarias all come to life in paper form – both tangible and made to last. 

“We pause to look at a flower, pick up a feather, touch a leaf, or comment to a companion about a particular specimen,” notes Wood in her website. “Nature’s beauty is fleeting and ever changing in its magnificence. My work speaks to the notion that everything is temporary.”

Incredibly, Wood’s craft was learned from trial and error. “I didn’t look at any tutorials, I made it up my way — how I saw things,” she admitted in an interview with Lia Griffith. “My background is in a variety of mediums such as mixed media sculpture, wood carving, embroidery, and painting.”

And while flowers are always in fashion, she tries to stay away from trends, inspired by classic botanical identification guides and photographs. “The world of plants is huge, so I try to stay away from trends and follow my own path,” she stresses.

Visit her magnificent paper garden: